The Shire of Brewarrina, is located in the Outback region of NSW along the banks of the Barwon/ Darling River.The Shire covers an area of some 19,155 square kilometres, bounded by the villages of Goodooga, New Angledool, Weilmoringle and Gongoldon.

There are currently 2197 people residing within the Brewarrina Shire, however,close proximity to other townships in the area, together with a high tourism & infrastructure component swells these figures for a large proportion of the year.

Historical Fish Traps
It is of major historical significance to the aboriginal people as it is not only the site of where the great rivers meet it is also home to the unique stone fish traps (estimated to be the oldest man made structure in the world) that were an integral part of the aboriginal food chain some 40’000 years ago.

Towns of Brewarrina
Visitors to the Shire can travel to a number of historic villages. The area has scenic drives over old wooden bridges that link a network of river towns.
Goodooga, one and half hours north of Brewarrina, sits on the east bank of the Bokhara River close to the QLD border. Goodooga meaning “Yam”. was originally known as Bokhara and was established in 1855.

Weilmoringle is the land of the Morowari people and is situated on the Culgoa River. The settlers homestead nearby was built in the mid 1800’s, and the famous Breaker Morant worked here in the 1890’s.

Gongolgon sits on the Bogan river and is a great fishing place and once an important village where Cobb and Co coaches from Dubbo and Bathurst passed their way to Brewarrina and Bourke. Travellers who leave Brewarrina to the south will find Gongolgon a short 40 kilometres away.

Angledool, established in the 1870’s, and is situated on the Narran river and is a step back into the past, with most buildings well over a century old. The Town Hall is a good example of early architecture, being a building made from locally made mud bricks.

Industry Today
Brewarrina has a very dynamic community, boasting strong agricultural industries in cattle, sheep, goat, cotton and grain enterprises. The Brewarrina Shire is highly adaptable to alternative farming enterprises, such as tourism, fishing and has the largest kangaroo meat processor in the Southern Hemisphere located within the Shire.

Name: Brewarrina Shire
Population: 2,197 (at least 54% are of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islna
Size of Shire: 19,155 sq km+
Towns and Villages:
Goodooga, New Angledool, Weilmoringle and Gonggoldon
Climate (2004 stats.):
Mean maximum temperature: 27.6°C
Mean minimum temperature:12.6°C
Mean yearly rainfall:
409.5 mm
Elevation: 116 metres
Main Industry: Cattle & Sheep, Wheat & Grain, Building & Construction, Corrective Services, Local Government, Pet Food Manufacturer
Industry: No. Employed
1 Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing 26.8%
2 Mining 0.0%
3 Manufacturing 2.8%
4 Electricity, Gas, Water 1.6%
5 Construction 4.2%
6 Wholesale Trade 1.7%
7 Retail Trade 8.4%
8 Accommodation, Cafes and Restaurants 2.1%
9 Transport and Storage 1.2%
10 Communication Services 0.8%
11 Finance and Insurance 0.9%
12 Property and Business 6.7%
13 Government Administration and Defence 10.5%
14 Education 10.8%
15 Health and Community 13.6%
16 Cultural and Recreational Services 2.1%
17 Personal and Other Services 5.8%
Labour Force:
Total employed 767
Total labour force 849
Not in labour force 82
Labour Force Participation rate: 59%
Employment by occupation (%)
Managers and Administrators 21.4%
Professionals 13.3%
Associate Professionals 9.2%
Tradespersons and related Workers 9.1%
Advanced Clerical and Service 2.4%
Intermediate Clerical, Sales & Transport Workers 13.4%
Intermediate Production & Transport Workers 8.4%
Element. Clerical, Sales & Service Workers 4.4%
Labourers and Related Workers 18.4%
Statistics provided by Brewarrina Shire Council from ABS Data